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Today I am flying American Airlines from Seattle, WA, USA to Manchester, England, UK via Chicago.  I am spending 6 hours plus in the Chicago airport.. actually in the Admirals Club.. for such a long layover, well worth the $50 daily price.. feet up, wifi on, food and drinks available and a nice view of the control towers and blue skies.

Today American Airlines announced they were buying 460 new planes and taking options on hundreds more.  I guess they need to pretty much replace the whole fleet with more fuel efficient planes.  You can read more here at the Forbes article.

I think I know how they are scrimping and saving to buy these planes.  When I checked in today, I found it was a much longer process than normal.. WHY?  Well as soon as you have identified your flight info you are given an option to buy AAdvantage miles.. that woudl be $350 some or $550 some for me this round.. WOW. And then there is the first class upgrade offer, the excess luggage charge ( since I am flying to Europe I get one suitcase checked free but a second would have been $50.. the domestic charge is now $$25 for the first and $35 for the second) and just when I thought I was done they gave me ONE MORE OFFER.. I had been placed in boarding group 2.. if I would like to board with group 1 .. just $9 will do it.  And here I thought the boarding groups were for efficiency in loading.. gullible me !

It probably goes without saying that there was no free food on this flight.

My last trip was on Korean Air, this is such a shock after that experience.  Maybe it is the newer planes that allow an airlines to charge a very competitive price and still provide nice seats, good food, pleasant service, checked luggage, and a wide variety of movies, all included. (The bowing to the customers isn’t happening here at American either.)  So new planes may help.. but I think there must be other factors at work here as well.  What are your thoughts?

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    I love your description and so do NOT look forward to my next flight! Nothing may ever compare to the wonderful Korean Air! love love

  2. Well, it is really too bad that American cannot reckognize what matters most. But then they never have, have they? Are the food and drinks free in the Admiral’s club? What advantage is there to boarding in Group 1? Are there no seat reservations either or does it just mean first grab for the miniscule overhead storage?

    Anyway hope it works out in the end. Flight to Manchester with no food is ridiculous. That is 6 hours! Or is there food for sale? If so I am sure that will be just scrumptious.

    1. A few clarifications.. no food on the 4 hour flight from Seattle to Chicago. There IS food on the 7 hour flight to Manchester.. (I think the competitive dynamics are different for international flights)
      “Free” munchies, tea, coffee and water in the Admirals Club.
      There are seat reservations.. the boarding groups ORGINALLY were first class, then people who have trouble boarding and those with small children, then the efficient boarding.. rear of the plane and window seats frist, etc.
      Now there is First Class plus Premier Members and Platinum and then Group 1 is the children and elderly PLUS those who pay so that they can stow their luggage and not get stuck.
      BTW I noticed that I only need 10,000 miles or so to be a MILLION MILE American Airlines AAdvantage traveler… maybe I will make it this trip.. but , sadly, that gets me nothing.

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