Bumthang to Wangdue

Another long car day.  We left Bumthang about 8 am and arrived in Wangdue at 6 pm.  

Just for local color here are two pictures of the house across the street from the hotel.

Our next stop was the weaving factory… the factory was open but the shop wasn’t.

We noticed the snow as we began to rise towards Yutong La (3400 meters).  At the top we put up our own (blessed) prayer flags for long life, good health and all general good things for all sentient beings  ( especially friends and family).

Today not being a Sunday we had to deal with two construction zones .  We waited about 45 minutes at the first one and about an hour at the second one.  Between the landslides and the large trucks traffic on these roads, we were surprised there weren’t more of these zones.

We took a slight detour after Pele La to see the one remaining black necked crane near Gangtey.  And then on to Wangdue.  Here is the Wandgdue Dzong, which we only plan to view from the outside.  Tomorrow Fertility Temple and back to Paro via Thimphu.

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