Day 0

The day before Day 1 must be Day 0. The day we pack. The day we clean out the frig and pay bills. The day we give the husband a big kiss and the keys to our car (he already has the keys to our heart). The day we strap on the money belt, grab the passport and head for the ferry. The evening we arrive at the airport with only one more night to go. Tomorrow- Asia (well day after tomorrow if you count the dateline – so confusing – never mind).

Tower at Vancouver Airport, taken while waiting for the hotel shuttle

Sleep in a Sphere

1 Sphere Beckons 2.JPG What a fantastic experience.. sleeping and meditating and reading and whatever ! in a sphere hung in a tree.. it was even  better than I imagined.. and talk about surround sound.. LOL.  Doesn’t it look inviting?  This one is called EVE and she is for one person (or two small and very compatible people).  There are larger ones available.

The wind and the rain caused no problem… the sphere is anchored to more than one tree which dampens out the effect of the trees moving.  (Of course if you jump around you can feel it swing.).

It would be great to have one of these at home for a meditation room, extra guest bedroom.  Click on any picture to see the whole Picasa album of pictures.                                             1 Sphere Beckons 3.JPG

He does make them for sale (each a custom job, as you can imagine.)  The album shows one that is in process.. along with some steps already made for some custom installation.  Click here for the Free Spirit Spheres web site to find out more.

Located in Qualicum Beach, BC.

Ah ! Ferry Travel

Heading Towards Mount Baker

Such a delight traveling by ferry in British Columbia and Washington.. my preferred method to go between them.
Summer is especially delightful. This trip we not only saw Mount Baker and beautiful views of the San Juans but also a pod of 7 to 9 Orcas doing what I can only describe as a DANCE. Close quarters, 3 pop up together, then 4 right after, again and again and again as they move by and then separate 4 or so on each side and go around a large yacht.
Sorry, I was so entranced that I didn’t even get a picture.. but here are some lovely ones of the views.

Peaceful Protest

Sunday Morning on Robson Street

So I am in Vancouver this weekend to attend the Bead Show…. definitely the place to go if you want to make beautiful jewelery for yourself and friends.

Anyway, I was walking to the show along Robson Street and suddenly I see blocks of motorcycles parked on the street.   HMMMM.. a biker rally in downtown Vancouver on Sunday morning???

Not exactly.. instead, a GREAT way to conduct a peaceful protest.. apparently the city council had decided to begin ticketing motorcycles parked more than one to a metered parking place.  Well, this might SEEM to be “fair”, it actually makes car drivers looking for spots ANGRY and is not the best use of space.  So, several clubs got together and picked a time of low traffic to take every space on the main shopping street of downtown Vancouver.

I certainly HOPE they got their point across.

Another View of Robson Street on Sunday morning