DrukTrek Day 3 (Last)

Woke up to frost.  Can’t imagine how cold it would have been at the original campsite which was more than 1000 feet higher and more exposed.  In the light we could better see the auspicious prayer flags, and also the extreme drop for the next part of the trek out.  ( Good thing we could stop here in our nighttime hike down the mountain.)

We broke camp at leisure and started down about 8:45 am.  We walked down and down, often without a clear path.  We passed a house alone in the woods with a few guard dogs and no people.   We  threw them a few West Coast Trail cookies (from Cafe 932 in Victoria) to pacify them.  We forded a stream and hiked up a bit.  And then all at the same time.. about 11 am – we found the end of the road,  Tashi (carrying tea and sandwiches) caught up, the horses caught up and our car showed up. 

We had a quick bite as they loaded our bags from the horses to the car.  We  tipped our wonderful crew with money and Canadian scarves and headed for Thimpu.

So I guess we did our Druk Trek in 2 nights and  2.5 days, although we did have an assist from modern transport.

We are now at the Hotel Migmar for a few days.  We will have a revised itinerary soon.  At the moment all we want is rest.  Altitude sickness is , apparently, not finished with you immediately.   There is lingering tiredness and loss of appetite.  We already know Norbu has an easy day planned for us tomorrow.

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  1. What an amazing journey!
    We discussed butter lamps Friday night. And there you are lighting one. Glad you are safely off the trail and on to rest and new adventures. Can’t wait to hear about Thai cooking, but I am jumping ahead, no?

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