Everest, Peaceful City, Peaceful Countryside

Another WOW day. Out the door at 6 am and off to the airport. By 7:30 we were in the air in this Beechcraft.

And by 7:40 we were above the smog, fog, dust and looking at the snow covered range of the Himalayas. They let us one by one into the cockpit for an even better view. Below is Julie taking a picture at the cockpit followed by Mount Everest and Lhotse. Everest is the pyramid shaped peak in the middle and Lhotse is the one just to the right.

After the flight we were whisked off to
Bhaktapur – the last of three Durbar Squares of the Kathmandu Valley. But this one is so much more – a larger area is included in the World Heritage site because it is a living medieval city – narrow streets, with periodic wells and “guest/rest” areas. Hard to describe the feeling, but it puts a lot of what we saw in Kathmandu and Patan in context – the context of the larger environment.
The Durbar (palace) square is very spacious and lovely. The palace has been recently maintained.
This picture shows us with the guardian lions of Bhaktapur.

We then headed off to the country side for a short hike and lunch at a farmhouse. It was so green and beautiful. Here are some pictures from the farmhouse.

Tomorrow Bhutan!!!!
Not sure when and where we will have Internet.

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    1. Our Internet access is not so convenient in our first Bhutan stop but I will try to get a new post up before we leave for the trek
      This place is really beautiful
      Heading off for the festival now

  1. I love all of the photos and commentary. I tried to leave a message for you last week, but apparently there was operator error (mine, that is). I am loving this vicarious enjoyment of your trip.

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