Festival – Days 1 to 5

We have certainly been blessed with lovely weather for the festival this year !
Day 0 ( Friday ) was Registration.
Days 1,2 and 3 were teachings.
Days 4 and 5 are retreat, where we have 5 sessions a day to medidate on the teachings.
Our teachers and meditation leaders are really wonderful and inspired.
When you add in 2 to 4 miles walking per day and 3 tasty vegetarian meals, you can see how it the whole event is healthy for body and mind.
Thursday we have a day off and then we return for the Empowerments (there will likely be 1000 more people as well !) .
The very last day of the Festival there is a play on The Life Of Buddha. I am lucky enough to be in the chorus and we practice every day. Our first walk through with the actors will be tomorrow ( Thursday) evening.
Everyone volunteers from some chore at the festival as well. The Canadians are on lunch dishwshing duty.. and a LOT of dishes there are.

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