Nagrakot and beyond

Out at 8 am and and an hour later we are at 7000 feet (up from 4000 feet in Kathmandu) and looking at a breathtakingly beautiful line up of high peaks.
We then take off on a 12 km hike, up and down, but ending at about 5000 feet at the World Heritage site Changu Narayan.
Here we are at the start of the hike. You can just make out one of the over 8000 meter peaks behind us. Just let your imagination fill it in. It looked even better.

Our path lead through farms, often right through the front yards of the farmhouses , where we were typically greeted with Namaste Namaste. Lots of goats and chickens and carefully tended garden plots. At this farm our guide purchased some spinach for his wife from this farmer.

And while he was harvesting it, we were treated to to home brewed wine made from rice.

About 3:30 we reached Changu Narayan. It is on a mountain promontory that sticks out into the flat valley below. The temple is at the highest point, and is surrounded by a town. It reminder me a lot ( in feel) of Le Baux or even Mount St Michel (but smaller). The site dates from the 3rd Century and has many ancient carvings. Here is the main inner temple.

Back to Kathmandu tired but happy and plus a blister or two. Tomorrow morning early we fly to see Everest, then Baraktipur and a shorter hike with lunch at a farmhouse.

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