Beaver Attack

Is there something wrong with our apple tree?

We have a house on a small lake in Washington State.   This spring we noticed our apple tree was not leafing out.

Yes .. definitely beaver teeth made those marks

On closer inspection… hmmm.. could be a beaver…. YES YES, a Beaver

Seems he had good access from the lake and the small branches of the apple tree are a BEAVER DELICACY.

Sorry , this tree is not going to be a survivor and the beaver never came back to finish it off.

I don’t think there were any winners this time around. Except maybe the gardening store when we buy something to replace it.

Peaceful Protest

Sunday Morning on Robson Street

So I am in Vancouver this weekend to attend the Bead Show…. definitely the place to go if you want to make beautiful jewelery for yourself and friends.

Anyway, I was walking to the show along Robson Street and suddenly I see blocks of motorcycles parked on the street.   HMMMM.. a biker rally in downtown Vancouver on Sunday morning???

Not exactly.. instead, a GREAT way to conduct a peaceful protest.. apparently the city council had decided to begin ticketing motorcycles parked more than one to a metered parking place.  Well, this might SEEM to be “fair”, it actually makes car drivers looking for spots ANGRY and is not the best use of space.  So, several clubs got together and picked a time of low traffic to take every space on the main shopping street of downtown Vancouver.

I certainly HOPE they got their point across.

Another View of Robson Street on Sunday morning