Transit to Bangkok

We have arrived safely in Bangkok and are installed in the River Room of the Ibrik with up close views of the river traffic and the Temple of the Reclining Buddha just on the other side.
I am not feeling great , so I will enhance this later.
Later ………
We left our hotel in Paro at 9am and arrived at the airport at 9:05. We took off at 11:10 and here is our last view of the high Himalayas.

We landed in Dhakka, Bangladesh an hour later. Julie took this picture of me taking advantage of the 30 minutes on the ground to sleep in a reclining position.

It takes over an hour to drive into Bangkok. Out hotel is a very narrow house right on the main river. It has just 3 rooms. I immediately assumed the prone position, from which I could still enjoy the view. Also note the adorable bathtub.