DrukTrek Day 2

We woke up to another beautiful day. Had bowls of hot water served to our tent so we could wash up and pack before breakfast and then off for a 10 km (6 mile) day. We started off at the Buddhist Temple just above our campsite. It had a wonderful statue of Buddha Shakyamuni. We made an offering for the temple and the lama knotted us a yellow necklace and let us light a butter lamp. We were also able to get in a lovely meditation there.

We continued on a beautiful ridge and saw some views of Jumolhari, the second highest peak in Bhutan at 7,200 meters ( 23,600 feet). It is the left most snow capped one and it looks a lot more impressive in person. We could also see some forest fires in the valley. (That’s the smoke on the left.)

The night before had been very windy, blowing off some 40 roofs in Paro. That may have contributed. (I guess our weight was enough to keep our tents in place.. LOL.)

We also saw some yaks this day ( pictures only on the other cameras). Beautiful all black, and some black and white. Very regal.

We continued through thick alpine forests above 12,000 feet and I began to fell really out of breath and a bit headachy and nauseous. I was going VERY slowly. As we FINALLY saw the camp ahead, Julie got the symptoms in a completely severe way and had to stop. Head pounding and ready to throw up. We limped into camp and took our Altititude Sickness pills and lay down.

About 2 – 2.5 hours later we got up. I was feeling not that much better but Julie was WORSE. By the way, extreme bitchiness is a symptom. I told the guide we needed another plan and he was already on it.

We packed up and started downhill immediately, horses and everything else following. We did about 1 hour in the twilight and 1 hour in darkness with headlamps ( thank god for headlamps !!) and eventually our lead guy, Tashi, with a gas lantern. (We had Tashi in front and our guide, Norbu in back). We felt better within 15 mintues. Within 2 hours we reached 11,000 feet and a nice little campsite. And there we stayed. We had a fire, a nice dinner ( we couldn’t eat much) and we slept the best we could.