Festival – Days 1 to 5

We have certainly been blessed with lovely weather for the festival this year !
Day 0 ( Friday ) was Registration.
Days 1,2 and 3 were teachings.
Days 4 and 5 are retreat, where we have 5 sessions a day to medidate on the teachings.
Our teachers and meditation leaders are really wonderful and inspired.
When you add in 2 to 4 miles walking per day and 3 tasty vegetarian meals, you can see how it the whole event is healthy for body and mind.
Thursday we have a day off and then we return for the Empowerments (there will likely be 1000 more people as well !) .
The very last day of the Festival there is a play on The Life Of Buddha. I am lucky enough to be in the chorus and we practice every day. Our first walk through with the actors will be tomorrow ( Thursday) evening.
Everyone volunteers from some chore at the festival as well. The Canadians are on lunch dishwshing duty.. and a LOT of dishes there are.

Conishead Priory

Conishead Priory dates from the the 1100’s and is located on some 70 acres of wooded land. It includes significant beachfront and extensive gardens. You can read the early history by clicking on the first picture and then clicking on it again to get it full sized.
It is now owned by the New Kadampa Tradition – International Buddhist Union who are meticulously restoring the Priory. They have also built a beautiful Buddhist Temple on the grounds.
I am here for a 2 week Buddhist Festival which includes teachings, meditation and empowerment. It is truly a beautiful place for it and the teachings are inspiring me already. Here are some pictures of the priory. More on the temple and the festival doings in future posts.


What a WONDERFUL and magical place, so different from our experience of Kathmandu yesterday. It’s peaceful and inspiring.
This is an ENORMOUS stupa-120 feet in diameter and 43 meters high. The site “dates back beyond the recall of folk memory” and has been rebuilt many times. It is surrounded by shops selling Buddhist paintings, music and beads and many monasteries. Everything is very low key. And today with perfect weather (about 72 degrees, blue skies and just enough of a breeze to set the pray flags flapping), it was transcendent.

Here is a model of Boudhnath from the Patan Museum.