CONTEST.. What’s for Breakfast?

Saw this sign today in the Blethering Place Tea Room in Oak Bay.  So the question is , What do you get when you order the Good Morning Breakfast Special?

Do you REALLY have to CHOOSE between Eggs, Bacon and Ham?  Is the toast included or are they going to the table next to you?  How about the tea?  And does it come in a pot or a cup?  Do the eggs have to boiled?  What is the vegetable with its mouth open?

You can click on the picture for a larger view.

To “enter” post your answer and your reasons as a comment.

In the fall David and I will go eat there and order this special.  We will take pictures and post the results.  The winner will be the one with the correct or closest to correct answer.. in case of ties the most entertaining reasons win.  Not sure what the prize is yet.. will apprise you !!