Music to My Palate

Today is garlic harvesting day.. YUM !

Yummy Music - Gourmet Porcelain Garlics - Just Out of the Ground

Last Fall I planted these Music (a variety of Porcelain) garlics and today they came back out of the ground.. they still needa few weeks to dry and ripen and these type store well so they will be good into the spring.

Here’s a quote “Music is a large, beautiful and well-formed porcelain garlic similar to Northern White. Its flavor is very rich and musky, strong and robust and sticks around for a while. It’s very popular for a reason. From a growers perspective, it is a tall dark green plant and is a very good survivor…”  Always helpful for a neophyte garlic grower .. LOL

Anyway I LOVE cooking with garlic and this promises to be a source of large and very flavorful cloves of garlic.

An UNEXPECTED BONUS is the garlic scapes in the spring.. you cut off these fanciful twirls that happen as the flower bud begins to form (so that more energy will go to the garlic bulb) and they are SO GOOD.. just use them in place of garlic cloves for a somehow fresher, greener, spring-ier garlic flavor in everything.  I was so sad when I ran out.

I must say I have the local deer population  to thank for all this wonderfulness…. there is not much I can safely grow… garlic, cilantro and parsley seem to the winners that are ok with the light, temperatures, soil and the deer.

Another quote from Gourmet Garlic Gardens “Porcelain garlics (ophios) may be the most beautiful garlics of all and sometimes seem too beautiful to eat. Their bulb wrappers tend to be very thick, luxuriant and parchment-like and tightly cover their few, but large, cloves. The outer bulb wrappers are often very white to milky and light tan although some some, like Romanian Red, tend to some purple striping as you peel away the wrappers. Their appearance tempts one to wonder whether they were sculpted by some great artist rather than something grown in the ground. There are no smaller cloves as most cloves are large and fat (four to eight per bulb), this makes them a great favorite with chefs. ”

Their beauty will continue to unfold as I get the dirt off, I am sure.

And a big THANK YOU to Boundary Garlic Farm for all the great information they supply on how to grow and harvest garlic, not to mention being a wonderful source of garlic varieties, heritage and otherwise.

Small Italian Garden

Small Space, Lots of Gardening Work

What happens when you have a small space but REALLY enjoy elaborate gardening?

Seen on a recent trip to Toronto.  My hat is off to you, intrepid gardener !