Little Deuce Coupe

Deuce ready for "rodding" .. also note front spare gas tank

Sunday – Another Beautiful Day in Victoria. Although, again, the afternoon breezes blew up some coolness from the sea and we had to put on our jackets.

So, what is a  “Deuce” ?   It is the slang given to the Ford Model B which started production in 1932 and was produced for 2 years. They were THE car for hot rodding in the 40’s to the 60’s and continue to be very popular collectibles.  And, of course, they even have their own Beach Boy song!

This show was held at the harbor in Victoria, on the lawns and streets around the Empress Hotel and the Parliament Building.  Not eveything is actually a Deuce.. they seem to be happy to let in cars and trucks and even fire engines from the same era

More photos at THIS LINK

Paint In 2010

Two Trees Meet

Saturday – A Beautiful Day in Victoria.. a beautiful day to attend Paint In.. artists stretched from the Art Museum to the sea,  doing their painting, or collaging, or sculpting in the open air with musicians interspersed.  It also stretches past the regular Moss Street Market so you can get your fresh veggies and fish on the way.  I was so enchanted by the day and the goings on I didn’t even get my camera out of my bag until I was 2/3 done, but this tree painting leaning on a tree was inspiring.

As were the jazz musicians dressed as superheroes and the fog rolling in from the sea at the end of the walk.  Go to my Flicker album to see the  rest of the pictures.

Cool Jazz from Superheros