Temples – Real and Pseudo

Up early, like 3 am, but that is better than yesterday. We braved the streets and took a Lonely Planet guided walk from near our hotel to Karhmandu’s Durbar Square – one of the several World Heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley. More about those in later episodes.
Anyway, so MANY temples, stupas and shrines in Kathmandu – like around every corner. Here are just a couple of photos. Many more to upload from the camera when I get home. Every time we stopped to read a map or a description we had offers from would be “guides” and the closer to Dubar Square the more offers. We also were offered the same medallion with Om Mane Padme Om on it many times.

And here are two more pictures of our very picturesque hotel, built in the style of a temple. The big exterior is from the vantage of the entrance courtyard. The window shot is actually the windows of our room – the other side of that alcove in yesterday’s post. And there is a photo of some of the carving (but not the X rated carving- have to go back up to the roof garden to get that shot.)

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