Thimphu 2

Another beautiful day in Thimphu.  We drove up to near the telecom towers above Thimphu and then took a lovely walk of about an hour to a temple high on a crest of another hill.  Near the start of our walk we went through a forest of prayer flags.  Here is Julie among them.

We then continued to the temple. Here is a view of the door to the courtyard.

And here are some “sanctuary roosters” that live there. They have been saved from the slaughter house and brought here to enjoy their days.  Their crowing punctuated our meditation.

We spent some time in the temple and then started our way back.  Here is a large prayer wheel just outside the temple and a lovely view of the Thimphu Dzong from this spot.

After our walk back through forests, we had lunch in the city and then visited a Buddhist Nunnery. This is their courtyard.  We were able to help a small nun with a headache.

And just outside their compound is this view of the Thimphu Dzong.

We ended our tour day with a walk through the Thimphu Zoo.  We saw the Takin – the National Animal,  sort of goats head on a 750 lb. cows body.  Too far away to see with this camera, but pretty impressive.  There were young ones as well.

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