Tigers Nest

Some Bhutanese think this should be added to the register of the Wonders of the World – and it certainly is something. It was also, kind of, our trial run for the trek that starts tomorrow. ( We passed.)
It is perched on a steep cliff 900 meters ( 3000 feet) above the valley floor. You drive to about 2400 meters (7900 feet) and hike an hour up to a teahouse with a great view of Tigers Nest- but one that makes you wonder how you will ever get there.
Turns out you up to over 3100 meters (10,150 feet), down 600 steps, up 400 steps and you arrive at 3100 meters again. Definitely a feeling of accomplishment and fabulous temples (all about Guru Rimpoche, the same one we saw at 4 am this same morning – see the Festival post). He flew on the back of a tiger and then meditated in a cave at this site.
Guess we’ll be offline for the next 5 days as we walk to Thimpu at altitudes over 4300 meters.

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    1. Thanks. We are as prepared as we can be. We here there is still some snow on our 3rd day trail. Our guide, Norbu, is going to try to find an alternate path for that day.
      We hear we will have 2 sleeping tents and a toilet tent- and of course there is a cook tent, and tents for the guide, the assistant, the horseman and the cook . It takes an army, I guess.

  1. It’s wonderful to read your blog, Julia, and see you and Julie in the pixs. Julie, I got your messages from both Carol and David. Sorry about waking you up but glad I talked to you for a minute. You are treking through marvelous scenery and history. Breathe some pure air for me. XOX

  2. Julia, you are having such an amazing adventure! The photos are awesome, and I am so impressed at the climbs you are making! Go, Julia! I am imagining you exultant at every step. Well, nearly every!


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