I made it to Ulverston – just 24 hours door to door.

The train was easy, at least after I found which end of it was going to Ulverston rather than Glasgow.  It’s about 2 hours and the last half hour is particularly picturesque – along the coast , sheep, cows, sand.  Great town names like “Grange-on-Sand”.  It was also an easy walk from the train station to the Bed & Breakfast.  It wasn’t open yet so I wandered on down a few blocks toward the middle of town and found it was Market Day.  A friendly local bought me a glass of tea and we sat outside in from the The Farmer and people watched.  She told me that Thursday has always been Market Day.. the farmers used to bring their cattle in on that day to trade and so the wives would come in to shop and the pubs would have special hours – altogether making a day of it for the whole family.

I got into the B&B by 1 pm.  I thought about going back out and exploring now that I could be unencumbered by luggage, but I only got as far as the thought and crashed for 3 or 4 hours.  Took a walk in the early evening before having dinner back at Farmers.

Here are some highlights of Ulverston – first viewing –  including  pubs, streets, the Barrow Monument on Hoad Hill*, and our room at Sefton House – GOOD NIGHT !!

*Sir John  Barrow was an explorer, math teacher and a great advocate of artic exploration.   The Barrow Strait in the Canadian Arctic as well as Point Barrow and the city of Barrow in Alaska are named after him.   Hoad Hill is easily seen from most of the town.

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