Wangdue to Paro

Across from our hotel (The Dragon’s Nest) is the “new” city of Wangdue – sort of a planned city Bhutan style. The old city was in danger of sliding into the river, so the government set this up with private citizens building but to specs, so all the buildings look the same, except for colour and painting detail.

We have more pictures on our other calendars.
The other pictures are of the river in front of the hotel.

After a drive along the river we arrive near the Drupka Kenley temple – aka “Fertility Temple”. We take a lovely walk through the small village (visiting a 50 year old farmhouse on the way and having a taste of ara) and on through the rice paddies to the temple.

This was a busy day – as many “last” days are.
Over Dochela Pass and on to Thimphu were we had lunch with Karma Tashi, the CEO of Bhutan Travelers, our excellent tour company (more about them in a later post), Julie mailed her sleeping bag and some souvenirs back from the Thimphu Post office and we did our last round of souvenir shopping in both Thimphu and Paro.

We drove on to Paro and checked into the fanciest hotel we ever stayed in in Bhuthan. It was right by the river and we could hear the beautiful sounds all night.

We then went to one of the two oldest temples in the country which had beautiful statue of the future Buddha flanked by two large and beautiful thousand armed Avaloketashivaras. There we said our prayers for a safe journey and for peace and equanimity for all.

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